Astrid Fox

contemporary artist

Welcome to my art world, I hope you enjoy my intuitive and expressive work that connects curiosity with growth.


Astrid Fox, a Canadian visual artist from Hong Kong, invites her viewers to a visual journey, filled with bold and energetic markings on canvases. Astrid is interested in the study of art and mind connections. She draws inspiration for her art from music, dance and spirituality while exploring our links to each other through a therapeutic practice of art making. Artists who influenced her include Georgia O’Keeffe, Joan Mitchell, Tracey Emins and Mary Abbott.

Art is more than aesthetics; it evokes self-discovery.

My creative process helps me move beyond the surface and explore deeper into myself.


Astrid has found solace in painting and rediscovering her creativity in her mid-life. The process of creating abstract expressionistic art has given her a new sense of purpose and a renewed passion for life. Painting has always been a crucial healing tool for Astrid, it has comforted her through grief and nursed her through health crises. Her art practice allows her to break free from overthinking habits, self-doubt, and rumination. It is a liberating process that encourages her to surrender; let go of expectations and embrace the present moment.


Through her work, Astrid aims to embrace the imperfections and spontaneity of the creative process. She feels invigorated when the paint meets the canvas, through bristles, drips, pours or scraps, in loose and instinctive expression, which reflects the complexity of human emotions. Each moment when paint and canvas make contact is an act of self-discovery and a step towards greater self-acceptance.


Astrid's work has evolved as she explores her inner world; processing different emotions, with the aim of resolution and evoking a sense of joy and freedom. She believes that art has the power to heal and inspire, and each piece of her work has the potential to speak to and uplift art lovers and collectors.

What may I create for you?