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An ability to draw and replicate images from observation at an early age, was the first sign of Astrid 's interest in the arts. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Richmond, Astrid's educational background includes Fine arts, Interior design and Graphic Design and illustrations. She is an observer and finds inspirations for her work from nature, especially flowers, and is particularly drawn to vibrant colours.

Astrid's area of interests lie mainly on drawing, painting, printmaking.

Astrid sums up her art as a simple reflection of her life experiences and personal growth. However, she is intrigued by what people see in and feel with her art. Most people form an opinion about art from their own experiences. Astrid is interested in hearing their stories, their memories; how they relate to her work and how art resonates in their lives.

Astrid would like to continue exploring different emotions conjured by art; how art can evoke different memories in different people. She is also interested in the relationships between foreground and background; the supportive purpose and the importance of the negative space. Technically, she is drawn to bold and expressive brush strokes, dripping and pouring of liquid colours for their non-replicable nature. It is her constant goal to find balance between spontaneity and restraint in her work. She often combines abstracts with representational aspect in her work to achieve this goal. Astrid likes to use abstracts of pure colours and shapes to spark a sense of curiosity, ambiguity and liberation; then she reins the viewers' attention back to a sense of tangibility, groundedness, relationships, and familiarity with representational elements.